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  • Staff 

    Leila Rivers, Director of Religious Education
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    Mary Guenette, Secretary of Religious Education
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  • Mission Statement

    Through the collaborative effort of the entire church community, we the teachers, staff, and parents of the St. Mary's Religious Education Program will strive to faithfully proclaim and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We will teach our children about the person and mission of Jesus, thereby inspiring and motivating them to form a deeper relationship with God under the guidance of the Roman Catholic Church.

    Through this effort and by constant prayer, we hope that our children will grow into mature Christians who consciously and actively strive to become more like Jesus in every way.  In doing so, they will affirm their supreme dignity as children of God and recognize their mission along with the entire Christian community to celebrate the Good News by evangelizing, catechizing, and ministering to all succeeding generations to build up the Kingdom of God.




FULL PAYMENT DISCOUNT:  You may subtract $10.00 per child from your tuition for payments made in full by cash or check.
No students will be able to register for sacramental preparation classes (2nd grade and 9th grade) after the 3rd meeting of regular class sessions except if they have just moved into the area or have just registered with the parish. This policy allows for people who move into the area after the RE year has begun, yet maintains the integrity of catechesis in preparation for the meaningful reception of the sacrament.

Tuition Guidelines
The St. Mary Religious Education tuition is part of the stewardship vision of Time, Talent, and Treasure.  For what does my tuition pay?  It represents the cost of textbooks and supplies, catechist manuals, materials, building operation and maintenance, communication costs, family and special programs, curriculum development, and general office operation.

Tuition rates and payment options are determined by our Parish Finance Council so that we can continue to operate as a financially responsible faith formation program.

Service Agreement
The success of our Religious Education ministry greatly depends on our parent volunteers.  Service opportunities such as: religion teacher, aide, office help, kitchen help, Vacation Bible School, etc. are available.  Please consider these opportunities when assessing your stewardship to our church.


The Confirmation Program is currently a 1-year process for 9th  grade students.  Confirmation takes place annually.  Students should be baptized Catholics, have made their First Communion, and be interested in learning more about their Catholic Christian Tradition. Unless a family is new to the parish, no registration will be accepted after the 3rd week of class.


Confirmation Program Expectations of the Candidate

1)      Regular attendance at Mass and reception of the sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation at least once a year.

2)      Attend all scheduled classes, service activities, social activities, and retreats.

3)      Consciously choose to commit oneself to a personal relationship with Jesus.


Catholic High School Students

Ninth grade students who attend a Catholic High School are not required to attend weekly classes.  However, they must comply with the following:

  •  Submit the necessary forms to register in the program
  •  Attend a Parent/Student Meeting
  •  Attend group events, i.e. speakers, retreat, etc.
  •  Comply with any requirements of the program
  •  Complete 18 hours of service to church, community, and family (6 hours each).
  •  A registration fee of $50 and Sacramental fee of $25



The Confirmation Candidate’s sponsor needs to be an active practicing Catholic seen as a friend and mentor in the faith, a person that the candidate will wish to speak to frequently and who will be open to discussing the various dimensions and questions the candidate will raise about their own faith.  Sponsors will be invited to discuss faith issues with the candidate at various times in the program.  A parent may not serve as a sponsor.  However, a parent may stand in for the sponsor at the time of Confirmation.    



Your name gives you an identity. It tells others who you are.  When you were baptized, your parents chose your name.  If you do not know your parents’ reasons for choosing your name, ask them about it.  Now that you are about to be confirmed, it is time you choose the name you will take as a sign of your Catholic faith.

Your Confirmation name should reflect your new role as a mature Catholic.  The name should be of a Saint whose life speaks to your own heart and whom you would like to feel close to.

You will need to type out a 1-page report about your saint and turn it into the Director of Religious Education for approval. Include in your report the following questions about your Saint and be ready to share them with your class and family.


The name who you choose should be your title.


  1. What is your Saint’s date of birth and place, where did (s)he live (if different from their place of birth), date of death, circumstances of their death, canonization date and miracles associated with him(her).


  1. What qualities, virtues or characteristics best describe your Saint and why.


  1. How will you imitate and live out these qualities to become a better person throughout your life?


These reports will be turned into your catechist at class at a date to be determined

You will be questioned about your saint for understanding and knowledge.


Sponsor Form

Sponsor Selection Form


Service Hours

Service Hours Form

Service Hours Guidelines



Parents/guardians of students involved in preparation for their First Reconciliation and First Communion will be participating in special activities, such as Sacramental Formation meeting and the “Jesus Day” retreat. These special activities are designed to give both student and adult greater awareness and understanding of the Eucharist and our faith.  

NOTE:  Children older than 2nd grade who need First Communion will be required to participate in 5-6 additional preparation classes RCIC (Rite of Christian Initiation for Children) along with attending regular class.



first communion Jesus Day Retreat info.pdf